The sun has risen.

Posted on March, 13 2014

Every time you turn on your local news station and prop your view into the dead glare of the reporter and his monotone voice, 75 percent of the time the next thing he's going to tell you is bad news.


It seems as if all we like to talk about is negative instances of news. When you wake up, you will find that nobody will greet you in a friendly voice and say "Great news! The sun has risen, there's no apocalyptic event, and there's no war! What a great day!"

According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, we love bad news. The study found that people would pass on exaggerated news in the general direction of the conversation. People who are in a negative conversation were more willing to greatly exaggerate negative topics, and even favor the negative topics rather than the positive topics. Negative topics also tended toward uncontrollable variables that doesn't lead toward any action.

The media is a big factor in the negative train. Media is many things, and what it isn't is helpful. For the most part, media networks focus on irrelevant information that gets you to pay attention, may the information be something that is taboo to the society, or something completely absurd. On the bright side, the Huffington Post has a good news section to their news.

Generally, ignoring any media channel in favor of any reputable source will make your days just smidgen better.