Data Centers

Posted on January, 12 2014

data center

They're big, complex and loud. The fail-safes, redundancies and new technologies are in quantities enough to make your brain turn into potato soup. Data centers are generally things you don't hear about since of the years of research and experience of their staff and developers to keep their facilities in working order without question.

This week my computer programming class took a trip to an IT Service called EarthLink. During this trip they toured us around their Data Center and told us some facts on their Data Center.

A few of the facts listed:

  • They hosted the Boston Marathon runner information/website

  • They have multiple fall-back 10 gigabit connections

  • The current technology will be completely replaced in the next 5 years

  • The density of computing power doubles every year

It was interesting seeing a part of the internet in person. The average Joe never comprehends what's behind their computer when they access a webpage and how companies and governments allow the internet to connect every single person. With this complex network established, businesses can leverage this connection to make our life easier and more entertaining. The technology will only double in speed, power, and size, which I look forward to.