Posted on November, 14 2014

Two people with a mutual goal, with two different styles. Of all the weeks, my friend and I usually end up working on different projects that peak our interest the most. Although, this week was a tad different. As explained in a previous post, we have the responsibility of helping out a club set up their IT infrastructure. Fast-forward to now, and it's back in our hands. This time we are setting up a QuickBooks server, along with making scripts to backup files and handle miscellaneous tasks. To even out the workload, we end up working on different parts of the script...

In my short time of pressing buttons, I had never started a project with another person. Every group project was either already started, or I started it alone. This time, I started the base utilities and let my colleague work on one functionality. Over all, things went smoothly and it was a new experience I can tack on to my list of things I have done in my life.